Sr. Principal User Experience

Samsclub.com | Global eCommerce, WalmartLabs
Apr 2015 – Present

Managing the Sam’s Club UX team, supporting the Merchandising, Supply Chain and Last Mile Delivery verticals. This encompasses the journey of the numerous associates that support these core functions of our wholesale business. Our mission is to create and foster an environment that enables our associates to perform their jobs in the most seamless way possible.

Management responsibilities

- Managing UX roles, providing support, mentorship and guidance to designers in the team
- Hiring and filling the talent gaps within my design team
- Meeting regularly to support their career growth plans, working with them individually to devise a plan
- Manage as a coach, demonstrating with examples how to collaborate and design
- Provide feedback in a timely manner, and provide opportunities to grow
- Nurture the strengths of the individual designer and show them paths for excellence

Core responsibilities as a design leader

- Guiding UX team members through the design processes thy apply to each of their projects and program areas
- Managing and mentoring the team through the discovery and design process of their journey
- White boarding sessions with cross functional team members to come to a common understanding of the current state and problem to solve
- Creating a shared understating of the goals and planning the execution of the program along with product, engineering and business
- Participating closely end to end and collaborating with team members for the common goal of a successful launch and monitoring post design, intaking the performance analytics for the launched experiences
- Leading the vision for the future of the experience, in collaboration with business, product and engineering
- Designing and maintaining a living pattern library that can scale and provide uniformity of experience for the entire team
- Designing for access - for both Android and IOS apps as well as responsive web

2 patent filings in progress, related to interaction design and shopping models.

Design Manager | Design Lead

PayPal an eBay company
Jul 2010 – Apr 2015

Lead the PayPal Marketplaces designs for all things related to checkout for guests and members. Redesigned checkout experiences for existing integrations with eBay.com on both desktop and mobile platforms – in order to make them responsive and adaptive. Designed for all contingency use cases as identified working in conjunction with product counterparts. Accustomed to fast-paced environments and managing multiple projects with independent delivery schedules. Managed and mentored team of designers, worked with them for working out their schedules, reviewing the designs, guiding them on how to achieve their individual goals. As a manager, have been involved in capacity planning, resourcing areas based on organizational priorities, tracking schedules, team building exercises, providing timely feedback on performance/work, facilitating individual growth. Managed the Onsite User Experience and Design Leads. This team helps support and coordinate design projects with geographically dispersed design contributors. (Design members include – Visual Designers, User Interface Designers and Prototypers.) Worked and collaborated with the Managers for cross-functional groups. Met regularly with other Design Managers, supporting areas such as; UI Design, Visual Design, User Research, Content/Web Writers and UED PMO; in order to keep up to date with new developments in their teams and convey the progress across to the extended teams. Worked with team members for their professional growth within the organization.

User Experience and Design Lead

PayPal an eBay company
Jan 2007 – Jun 2010

Managed and coordinated design projects with offshore teams – Visual Designers, User Interface Designers and Prototypers. Provided design direction in order to meet product requirements. Worked directly with Product Managers and Technical Product Managers to get project requirements. Managed multiple projects at a time, making sure cross-functional teams are synchronized with the progress of the project. The role required research and discussion with teams geographically dispersed.

User Interface Designer

MAR 2002 – DEC 2006

Working with various clients to obtain their content in order to ascertain the best design and presentation needs for them. Defined look-and-feel of the web interfaces by designing logos, icons, and marketing graphics. Interfacing with marketing, business development and engineering teams. Creating visual design consistency, designing and maintaining visual structure.

Training Analyst

Exodus Communications Inc.
Jan 2000 – FEB 2001

Designed the intranet training site, and publishing training materials online for trainee access. Managed documentation for online training tools that were designed.

Professional Education

Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM) certified since 2008, Stanford University

Professional Diploma in Software Technology and Systems Management

Certified in Technical Writing from Santa Clara University

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

A-Levels/GCSE Birmingham, England

US Patent

US 20140344727 A1

(Sole inventor) Systems and methods for responsive web page delivery based on network bandwidth

A system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and a computer-implemented method for responsive web page delivery based on network bandwidth. Upon initiation of a network communication session, a bandwidth of a network connection of the client device involved in the network communication session is determined. At least one initial display element to provide as part of a webpage for display on the client device is selected based on the bandwidth of the network connection. Instructions are then provided to the client device which cause the client device to display the at least one display element. In some embodiments, an updated bandwidth is subsequently determined and updated display elements are selected based on the updated bandwidth.